Computer Information Systems Engineer, Manalapan, NJ

Computer Information Systems Engineer wanted to work for a recycling business based in Manalapan NJ. BS in CS, CIS or related + 1 year exp. in the job offer or related to Computer Systems Engineering.

1. Plan, develop and implement Computer Information Systems for pricing, order entry, office and sales force
   automation, sales/pricing incentive and customer service;

2. Analyze and maintain large databases for the storage of the analyzed information.

3. Consult with system users and Company¡¯s management to assess computing needs and system

4. Develop computer information resources providing for data security and
   control, strategic computing, and disaster recovery.

5. Conduct troubleshooting, incident notification and resolution, problem management, post-mortem analysis,
    and root cause identification.

6. Oversee the daily performance of the Company¡¯s management information systems. Answer system inquiries
    from system users regarding computer software or hardware malfunctioning and to troubleshoot the

7. Build VPN, manage firewall policies, configure routing tables and
    monitor network performance; Configure, monitor and tune network/ system resources; Identify, diagnose and
    resolve network/ system problems, replace defective components when necessary

8. Build and maintain a database server for ERP software using SQL Server in Windows Server 2008.

9. Provide systems and network support using TCP/IP, Windows NT/2000 & Unix systems.

10. Monitor trends that indicate the need for modification of Information System.

11. Improve Faith Group¡¯s current web site to enhance name-recognition and increase sales. Establish and
    maintain a presence in the markets.

12. Responsible for Web Application installation and configuration, Product support and installation
     documentation, problem resolution tracking, software upgrades, application support and optimization, and
    project implementation planning for enterprise web applications.

13. Work with outside web content developers (Flash, HTML, etc)

Specific skills and other requirements:

Must have knowledge of:

Programming in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash
Network monitoring software
TCP/IP Communication Protocol
Routing protocol
Windows 2003/2008 Server, Linux
Database knowledge include Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL
ERP Software

Please mail resume to HR, Faith Group, 195 Route 9, Suite 205, Manalapan, NJ 07726. Job Code: CL2014

(Posting period : 07/14/2014 to 08/17/2014)

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